Friday, October 29, 2010

An Ode to Baozi

Seldom have I been moved to compose poetry, but the depth of my
affection for this particular food is such that I have written a sonnet
(in the English style) dedicated to this the love of my Chinese life. Ahem.

Delicious, oily, stuffed and warm,
Emerging from your cloud of steam
I clutch you tightly in my arms
A dim sum lover's fondest dream.
Oh, moon-shaped hunk of love and bread
You tiny steaming masterpiece,
Stomach, heart and soul all fed
For seven point two cents apiece.
My dear beloved breakfast treasure
I'm coming for you if I can,
Thou simple, wondrous orb of pleasure
Alas! here's Sparky with the van.
Braving street sweepers for thee,
I heart you, baozi. Ne'er leave me.

Kate Bennion  Zhongshan  2009


Steve said...

Oh my gosh Kate, this is hilarious! You are so creative!

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