Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Puebla Day Trip a la Jason

This weekend we decided to head up to the capital, Puebla, to see some ruins, cathedrals, and of course do some shopping (that´s what happens when it is 14 girls and 1 guy). 

We rented out a tour bus and so it made it really nice because we had our own personal chauffeurs for the entire day. They were way cool and helped us get hooked up with all the goods throughout the day including discounts at the sites, tips on where to go, and snacks.

Our first stop was in the old pagan center of Cholula which is a suburb of Puebla and where one of the world´s largest pyramids is located. Unfortunately, it was covered with dirt before the Spanish came and conquered the city and then the Spanish built a large cathedral on top. Today, the pyramid looks mostly like a large hill but you are able to walk through the tunnels of the pyramid and see some of the ruins that they have excavated.

After going to Cholula, we headed downtown into Puebla where we saw the cathedral that is on the 500 peso as well as a museum with some really cool artifacts of the pre-Hispanic civilizations. After that we did some shopping at a famous art street in town and had fun watching the different street performers at the city center.


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