Friday, October 29, 2010

Shamu and Michael Jackson: A Mexican Love Story

I'm teaching in Tehuacan, and at Discovery last week we decided to write a story for basic reading. These kids are between the ages of 7 and 9 and love Michael Jackson. Here's the story they wrote... 
(By the way, it's a love story, with two characters: Michael Jackson and Shamu. I think Shamu is a killer whale at Sea World, but it's the girl in this story.)

Michael Jackson gives shampoo to Shamu. 
"I love you Michael. Bring me more shampoo," says Shamu. "I love this shampoo, my hair looks so good. Can we go to Disneyland to see Minnie Mouse and get more shampoo?"
Michael Jackson can't go into public because he's a monster, because it's raining outside and when it rains or the moons comes out, he becomes a monster.
Then they go to the movies and Shamu doesn't like the movie, so they go outside and Michael Jackson sings "Thriller." Then they get married in Disneyland. Then Michael Jackson says, "I don't want to stay with you. I want a divorce."
Shamu says, "But Michael, my shampoo!"
He says, "I don't have any money for your shampoo." He doesn't have any money because of his mansion.
Michael stays in Disneyland and Shamu goes to Las Vegas. Michael Jackson marries another person. Shamu marries another person too, his name is Book. Michael Jackson is talking on the phone and says, "Shamu, I still love you."
Shamu says, "You're crazy Michael. And stupid."
Michael goes to Shamu's house and sees Shamu and Book making out. Michael is very angry and he breaks down the door and throws Book out the window. Shamu slaps Michael Jackson and he screams and starts dancing.

So... a little like a Mexican telenovela. A little racy for that age, but it definitely made me laugh a lot. Hope you enjoyed the nonsensical story!


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