Friday, March 25, 2011

Michelle's Russian Twin

While on vacation in Moscow, it was super windy and cold. We were walking as fast as we could to get down into the warm metro. Suddenly, Mike stopped in front of an advertisement and said to me, “Michelle, that looks like you!”

Freezing cold as I was, I glanced at it and said, “Not really,” and kept walking. The rest of my group insisted it looked like me as well, but the only thing I cared about right then was getting out of the cold.

A month later, we returned to Moscow for another weekend trip. We were walking down the same street, though it wasn’t quite so cold this time, and we passed the ad again. This time I got a good look at it and was a little freaked out—it didn’t just look a little like me, it looked EXACTLY like me! I had someone from my group take a picture of me with the poster, and as they were doing so, random people from the street started taking pictures of me! It was so crazy to find my doppelgänger on the opposite side of the world!

Michelle Peterson
Voronezh 2010


C'est La Vie said...

ok that's creepy michelle, it's totally you!

shelene said...

You should attempt to be a model Michelle and use that picture for your resume. They will totally hire you based on your international experience! :)

Mary Lynn said...

Woah, it DOES look like you!

Z said...

Question: are you sure your host family wasn't a model agency? I swear that's you.

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