Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Worth 16,000 Words

*It so happens that AnnaLynne (Taiyuan 2009) is a fantastic photographer. Ready for some China?*

The Forbidden City in Beijing.

Guardian lions are all around the Forbidden City and the rest of China. They make me smile.

The amazing Great Wall. This day there was mist rolling in and out, giving us glimpses of the jungle below us.

The Jinci Temple complex outside our city, Taiyuan.

More guardians. :)

The old and the new are always mixed together in China.

Houses are nestled everywhere they can fit, city or country.

Bamboo boats near the Li River.

The great rice terraces. Breathtaking.

These fields were what we saw after crawling out the back entrance of a cave in the karst mountains of Yongzhou.

Apartment complexes and laundry hanging in Shanghai.

The Bund in Shanghai at night.

People's Square in Shanghai.

This view of Pearl Tower reminds me so much of San Francisco.

Red lanterns that light at night in Hangzhou.

My adorable homeroom class. :) By far the best part of going to China!!


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