Saturday, April 30, 2011

Glamour Shots

*Rachel Gunnell went to Russia, China, and Ukraine with ILP. I love these photos from when she did glamour shots at a photo studio, the likes of which are so prevalent in China. Thanks Rachel!*

When I lived in China, on practically every corner you'd see these Kodak photo studios where brides and grooms would go inside and get these elaborate pictures done.Well, we weirdo Americans decided to go in for fun and see what a Chinese glamour shots photoshoot was like.

The stylists would do your hair and make-up in crazy, fun artistic fashions and dress us up like we were their little dolls. Here are some of my more awkward favorites:
(This lantern is broken, but no one can see it because of the hot pink background.)
I love the feather hairpiece.

And, the pi├Ęce:

You in the middle, make Zoolander face. You on the left, robotically stand but do not touch. You on the right, stroke sheep skin sensually.


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