Friday, June 3, 2011

Hearken, all ye in Draper

As you may know, ILP hosts a summer camp every year for visiting students from Russia, Ukraine, and China! (And if you didn't know, now you do.) This year the camp will be held at our McKee Spanish School location in Draper, UT. Hence, we are in serious need of some host families in the area!

The kids are at school or involved with ILP activities from about 9:00 to 5:30, so kids would eat breakfast and dinner at your home and have lunch at camp. Host families receive $100 per child to help with food costs, and are responsible for dropping the students off each day and picking them up each night.

We expect to have about 35 people (25 kids and 10 adults) in our Russia and Ukraine session, from June 28 to July 6. For the China session, we'll probably have about 25 people (2 adults and 23 students), July 18 to July 29. We ask that each participating family host at least two students.

Many of you have stayed with host families and understand their importance when you’re in another country. Students often mention to us how their host family was the most rewarding experience of their time in Utah. We know it can be a really fun cultural exchange for both the family and participants, so give an email if hosting is something you're interested in!


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What time would they be leaving on July 29th?

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