Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tehuacan Postcards (from Hannah)

Dear little host cousin Maria Louisa,
I am so glad you let me be best friends with your sassy 6 year old self. You will make my next 3 months that much better. Late lunch at your house every Saturday? Sign me up! Also, am I allowed to be obsessed with your name as well as your nickname Malu (Mah-loo)?

Dear Mexican thunderstorms,
Are you kidding me!? They were 100% serious when they say it floods here. HOLY COW. And so consistent, too! How can you let it be so sunny and hot all day and then suddenly appear at approximately 6:45 PM every night? It's like clockwork, and it's sort of amazing. Keep on keeping on cuz you definitely cool this place down and I love it.
Dear Spanish language,
I honestly do want to learn you better and more fluently by the time I'm done here. But you're like really complicated and stuff with all these conjugations. Gimme a break! I'm half Mexican. It should be easier than this!

Dear American food,
I really miss you. That is all. You know my heart.

Dear liquid body wash,
I can't find you anywhere except for in the tiniest space of one shelf at the Bodega (Walmart) here. Even though my dad specifically said something like, "Of course you can buy body wash in Mexico! Don't you watch Spanish commercials?" as he forced me not to weigh down my luggage with a full bottle of you. Your cousins, bar soap and more bar soap, are basically taking over and it's not okay.

Dear Spanish branch that we attend every Sunday at 8 AM,
I don't understand a word you say, but I am really loving these hymns we sing in Spanish. I'm sorry that I kinda fell asleep last Sunday during a few talks, but put yourself in my shoes! It takes even more brain power than normal church to stay focused and alert when everything is in another language! I'll be better next time.

Dear Hacienda style host house I'm living in for the next 3 months,
Thank you thank you thank you for being the most perfect sanctuary that I need every night after school. This foreign experience is definitely something I've had to adjust to, and living in this gorgeous and colorful place only makes it that much easier.
p.s. your owner host family happens to include some of the best people I know, and I adore and love them all to pieces!

Dear Mexican children,
You really are so stinking cute and I love all the things you say to make me laugh. Can we have dinosaur time todos los dias? And can I maybe bring you home to America with me?


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