Thursday, July 7, 2011

Feed the birds, kopecs a bag

*Allison was in Russia last semester. Here is a little gem from her blog.*

Pigeons are a big deal. I know that they’re in almost every big city, but it’s different here.

Pigeons got the people of Russia through tight spots when food was scarce, and the Russians have not forgotten it. There is a common respect for them, and you’ll see little bird houses made from milk cartons hanging from trees all over the city.

I was walking to work early one morning a couple weeks ago. Our little side street was deserted and quiet. Coming from the other direction was a little sweet babushka, scattering bread crumbs all along the street. She braved the cold and icy streets just to feed the birds. Her gratitude was striking, and I hope that I can learn to be a bit more grateful.


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