Friday, September 23, 2011


This is Ameri. She's in Ukraine with some giant cotton candy.

Before she left to come home to the States, she made a giant list of numbers. Here it is... (thanks for sharing, Ameri!)

5 months
141 days
20 weeks
6,000 miles away from home aka
9,300 kilometers
2 lost pieces of luggage
25 scared girls
1 day of training
1 "mild" winter
6 different languages
5 different currencies
72 hours in train rides
5 metro passes
1 friendly parcel of mail
27 awesome Americans
26 hours of skype time with family and friends
140 episodes of "How I Met Your Mother"
4 awesome jam sessions on Rock Band
50 hours on a tour bus (approximate)
408 games of Sudoku
49 metro stops
1 desire to work for the American Embassy one day
1 Black Sea
5 Kyiv temple trips
1 cooking class
1 sleepover with all the girls
6 different months
12 hours of Russian class
3 Tanias
20+ calls with the director
1 culture shock hair cut
1 21st Birthday
2 beds shared by
3 girls
6 coordinators at my schools
2 moves to different schools
2 many hours on facebook
0 guitars to play
1 new electric oven
1,000,000,000,000+ flying cotton things
1,000,000+ pidgeons
40+ visits to McDonalds
16 plays on my iTunes "Coming Home" playlist
32 hours of total travel time
3 airports
3 different sized airplanes
16 hours of flight time
1 reunion during LAX layover
1 Costa Vida sweet pork salad waiting with
2 awesome parents
1 not hungry stomach, but
1 exhausted girl, happy to be back in the land of the free and home of the brave.


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