Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Misha's Portraiture (by Mindy)

This week we had open class. I get nervous just teaching by myself--add parents watching and I'm a mess! I got home tonight and I was pretty tired and hoping to get to bed early to catch up on my sleep... my plans did not work out. My room is right across from the kitchen, so as I was sneaking toward my bedroom of course my host mom stopped me and asked her favorite question: "Mindy, are you hungry?" I always feel bad when I say no, and tonight we had company over so of course I said yes thinking I would hurry and eat then slip out to my room.

Well I started eating and was about to slip away when my host mom asked me to play Titanic for them. I love to play the piano but I get really nervous when I have to play in front of people. I was able to make it almost all the way through the song then my mind went blank... this always seems to happen in the same spot in this song and it's super frustrating. I of course went bright red and said sorry I couldn't remember it. They just laughed and smiled and said "Mindy, it's okay!" By this time I realized I actually was not too tired so I decided to hang out for a little.

Little did I know that while I was sipping my tea, Misha, Jennii's host brother, was drawing a portrait of me. He comes over to me with his big drawing pad, points to the picture he has drawn, then points to me, meaning "This is a drawing of you." I tell him it looks just like me because I don't want to criticize him for trying. He then continues to show the rest of the guests his drawing and they all BURST out laughing! Here is the portrait of me, see the resemblance =)

And here is the artist holding up his masterpiece of me =)
All in all it was a pretty good night!


*Mindy went to Kyiv last spring with ILP and is basically a rock star for sharing this with us. Thanks Mindy!

P.S. If you have a story or photo or video you'd like to share, email and we'll post it on the blog!*


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