Thursday, January 12, 2012

The apple in my eye. Or, more appropriately, the spice in my rice... my kids.


Okay, so here’s my awesome home room…the greatest combination of children ever.

This is my homeroom, minus one. Cindy decided to hide, very typical of herself. 

Cindy actually has to start this list. I have never met, nor will I ever again meet, anyone like Cindy. She is a league of her own. With a wandering mind, an imagination the size of China, a high-pitched voice, and an extremely short attention span, Cindy is quite the character. Let’s just say if she was in Harry Potter, she would definitely be Luna Lovegood.

Every day, Cindy hugs and kisses my stomach and says, “You are my mother. Hello, mother.” She says the wackiest things, about how something is so beautiful and nice, or asking me where babies come from. It’s really hard to capture Cindy’s personality, but let’s just say I’m putting together a video montage of just her. It’s probably going to win major awards, no big dealio.

I would love to take Cindy home to America. I kind of wish I was actually her mother, not just pretending.


Alliean is next. I’m pretty positive her name was originally Allie and it somehow transformed into Alliean over the years, through communication barriers. Anyways, Alliean is part of the tight three; she, Ling Ling and Emma are great friends. Alliean is always happy. I can’t remember once over the past four months when she was mad or sad or anything negative; she is always smiling. Alliean is pretty good at English and works hard most days. Sometimes she likes to play and laugh with her friends instead of listening, but she is still a very good student. Usually if I ask what she is laughing about and she tells me, I start laughing, too.

Ling Ling is AMAZING, I love this girlie so much. She is totally a cartoon character. Every single day she wears these tight braids on the sides of her head, they always flop around while she dances and plays. She always tells me about how her grandmother is the one who does my hair and how she can help me do my hair, too.

Ling Ling is the best in my class. She translates if necessary, she is always wearing the red academic patches on her shirt(it’s a Communist thing for the best of the best students), and she is completely trustworthy. Ling Ling likes all the boys (5 of them, and if you ask she will tell you and everyone which boys) and all the boys like her. She is pretty much the complete package…adorable, hilarious, and a genius. I will really, really miss this girl, as a student and a friend.

Henry is such a sweetheart. I have a million other pictures with him, but this one is the cutest. :) He isn’t the most popular boy, but he is sosososo sooooooooo good. He loves getting picked first for things and just wants to feel special. When we are walking back at the end of the day, I always tell him, “Henry you are just so good.” He just smiles quietly. Love that kid. He is also the first one to help me, if I spill papers or something. Love.

Since the name “Henry” is really hard for Chinese people to say, the kids in class always call him hungry because they think it’s so funny that his name sounds like hungry. He takes the teasing well, though; he doesn’t cry or get mad he just laughs with them. Henry loves wrestling with the boys, playing with little toy cars, and being extremely boy-ish.

Martin is another cutie. I’ll never forget the first day of class. I asked, what’s your name? And he said back, “Ma-tiiiiiiiiiin.” He has such a huge smile and I’ve developed a great relationship with the kid. He loves high-fives, hugs, and getting chased around.

When practicing his English, Martin always strains his face like he’s trying his very hardest in the entire world. It’s so adorable. The kid only means well, and couldn’t hurt a fly.

Deek is so funny! At first I thought he was going to be a trouble maker but I was so wrong. About a month into teaching, Deek said something in English that none of the other kids understood. I showered him with praise, and so he continued speaking English throughout the lesson. Deek really changed that day, and became one of my best students.

Deek is a hilarious lil’ dude. He loves dancing and making other people laugh…he does this thing which I named the “Deek Walk” which is pretty much him swinging his hips and walking sooooooooooo funny! Good news, I caught it on video when he wasn’t looking one day! Haha. I’ll really miss this kid, he brought so much to the classroom and made me smile everyday. :D

Susan is super cute. She has this spunky short hair and acts like she is the “bad girl” in class, but she really isn’t at all. For some reason she really wants me not to like her. Any time I say anything nice to her, Susan just yells, “No, teacha I don’t want you to like-ah me.” So funny.

Susan loves little prizes and toys, she has even gotten in trouble for stealing tokens sometimes. Tokens are the little coins the kids get for speaking English, we add them up and they exchange the tokens for prizes. Susan always quickly spends her tokens on candy and tiny prizes, and they always make her enitre week. Susan is such a sweet heart, and I like her a lot, even though that might make her mad at me. :)

Emma is almost like a little sister. She is one of my best students, with almost perfect English and an amazing personality. She is super smart, sarcastic, and real. If she’s mad at you or sad or tired, she will tell you. But most of the time, she is really happy to be in class and participate.

Emma is super witty and sarcastic; she has an awesome laugh and is a really good girl. Emma is so cute and another amazing student I will really miss. Gosh I don’t even wanna think about leaving this girl in a week. :( Sad face.

King. Oh, King. It was really difficult to get used to King’s personality, at first he was quite the troublemaker, wrestling with other kids and breaking the rules. However, as we have gotten to know each other better through the semester, King and I have become awesome friends. He has really learned to respect me as a teacher and learned not be totally crazy and act out all the time. I also let him have time to be a kid. Everyday before class he hides and then jumps out and scares Teacha Hailey. Hailey does a great job, screaming her head off and acting extremely terrified, while King gets a huge kick out of it everyday.

Anytime we play card games, all the kids laugh at the fact that one card is named after King. When we played Go Fish, they would always say, “King, do you have a King?” and then laugh hysterically. Oh, King.

Jack is da bomb diggity. Approximately halfway through the semester, I was informed that despite the misleading spelling, his name is actually pronounced “Jake.” I asked the kid if he wanted to be called Jack or Jake, and he said Jack so I went with that. :) haha.

Anyways, Jack is super funny. He gets mad if he’s not picked first to count tokens or play a game, but he is just the epitome of a little boy. He wants to wrestle, he is impatient, and he just loves playing a lot more than he loves learning. Such a cutie.

Well, that’s the end of my homeroom. You’re probably seething with jealousy that I get to chill with these boss kids everyday. I know, they are really awesome. I will miss my homeroom so much more than I ever thought. We joke around and have fun every day, while learning English along the way. They have affected my life forever.


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