Thursday, March 1, 2012

Voronezh loveliness from Mikaela ♥

I loved This beautiful theater! We're going back to see The Nutcracker this weekend and I'm really excited. :)

Lika's sweet hair

My real live Russian babushka making me the best blini I've ever had! She filled it with curds and raisins, and even though that sounds gross it was really good. :)

The sign says, "Love you, Voronezh!" And yes I surely do! I'm going to miss this place. :(

Vanya (my host brother) and I watching "Masha e "Medvyed" (Masha and Bear) one of his favorite cartoons. :)

Just a portion of the VERY long sausage aisle

One of the many old apartment buildings

The beautiful monastery! I loved this place.

I love this place.

Mayhem! How many Spidermen can you find? ;)

Dima wrote me this note today. :) "Лавю" is "love you" spelled phonetically in Russian.



Anonymous said...

Ahhhh I miss Voronezh so bad!!!! I love that city with all my heart :)

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