Monday, May 14, 2012

Russian Reunion - Britta's Babushka

It had been years since I had heard from my Russian grandma. After writing multiple times without a response, I finally figured I would probably never hear from her again. All that changed in March, when I was in Moscow. 

I took the first chance I had to make my way to the apartment building where I lived nine years prior. My first obstacle would be getting in the building. I didn't have the code to the door to be able to get into the apartment building and would have to wait till someone else opened the door. 

I waited... and waited... and no one ever came. I left to walk around the area for awhile and then came back. I waited for awhile longer. In total I had waited out in the snow for almost an hour without any luck. I realized hours could go by and I might not even get into the building.

I gave up. I started walking away from the building and turned the corner when I passed a man walking the other way. The thought crossed my mind, "If I don't try one last time, I might regret it." I turned around and began to follow the man. He started to head for the exact door I needed to enter. I quickened my pace. He was inside and entering the code and I had to catch the door before it closed. I swung open the first door only to find the second door closing in my face. I caught it with my figures just before it closed. I was in the building! Two more doors remained in my path and then I was "home." 

Not having a key to the apartment, I rang the bell. I could hear voices talking and asking "Who's at the door?" I responded in Russian, "Grandma, it's me... the American." 

The door didn't open. It had been nine years after all!  I could have left at that moment, but I didn't come all that way for nothing! I rang the doorbell again. Just like before I yelled, "Grandma, it's me - the American!" This time I was ready and held a picture of her and I to the peephole of the door. 

I heard a gasp ("Oohhhhhhh!!!"), and the door opened. There they stood, my grandma and grandpa. I was home! They welcomed me inside and we talked and had soup... just like old times.


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