Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Class notes: Janese in a headlock

Alyssa.. she looks too sweet to be that tough doesn't she?
Alyssa (you know, Nikole? she decided she liked the name Alyssa better after she heard it in a movie) put me in a headlock during class!
Just so you know, her dad - Dima - is a jujitsu instructor and she actually took lessons before English classes started. She was the best little girl in her group, she beat all of the boys!

So today when we were sitting around the table talking about being strong, I held up my arms and said "I am so strong!" and this little Russian firecracker stands up, walks to the middle of the classroom and says: "Come here, Teacher" I laugh a little and oblige. She gestures to me with her finger and tells me to come down to her level. When I do, she grabs my neck and holds me in a headlock. The tough little thing let me go after three seconds or so and then hugged me! The whole class was laughing so hard, and I was right along with them. I sat down and said, "I'm not strong"  I had the students repeat after me.. they agreed. 


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