Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh sweet Leo

A story from the lovely volunteer Abby Paulsen, who taught in Zhongshan in 2010...

Today during snack Leo was sitting there eating with his cute little cheeks that I just always want to squeeze. Julia (who is a beautiful little girl who always has these perfect braids and a smile on her face and sometimes is really spacey during class and she comes late to school like every day) walked in late to class during snack. Leo saw her walk in and turned to Teacher Sarah with a shy smile and whispered, 

"Teacha Sarah, Julia is so beautiful!" 

Ha ha, he is four! It was so cute. 


Shaila said...

Such a cute story! I miss those little moments with them!

Sarah Katherine Westover said...

my picture! Oh I love Leo. I miss that kid so so much.

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