Friday, March 18, 2011

An Announcement

The ILP office is moving!

We will be closed March 28-29 for the move. On March 30th, our new office will open in Orem.

If you're in the process of applying or preparing to leave, don't freak out! ILP's contact information will stay the same except for our mailing address, which will be announced shortly.

*We now return you to your previously scheduled China-niscing...*


Mindy said...

Will you still receive things that are mailed to your old address? I just applied to be a head teacher, and i sent all the stuff in the mail...will it still get to you?

ILP said...

It should get here before the move, and if it doesn't we'll track it down! Our new address is just one town over.

Mindy said...

Alrighty thanks

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