Friday, March 18, 2011

Yes, they have email in China

This morning I woke up to my phone flashing telling me I had a new email. Normal right? It wasn't until I looked at who it was from that I was a little confused. The email address was all Chinese characters. It said this:

Hello,well,are you Mrs.Shelene Webb?
If you are.Then thank you.
I'm your student.Can you remember Guanghua School?I'm a student in it.I don't konw what to you remember me.
I'm sorry.I can't speak English well now.
I just hope you can remember me.
Thank you.
I hope you have a good time .I'm Wang Fengping in China.

This made me so happy! I emailed her back and after a few little convos I discovered that is was my student Mary from Wuxi! She is now 15 years old. I was so touched that she remembered me and was emailing me after all these years to thank me. We plan on keeping in touch. Here is a picture of Mary while I was there:

How wonderful is it that I taught a student English in China and we are now communicating (thanks to technology) in ENGLISH?! I'm so blessed to have that opportunity. Can I please go back now?

P.S. Here is one of my all time favorite pictures:

I miss hearing "Wo Ai Ni" (I love you) every day!

*Shelene is super-cool. She went to China in 2006 and now works as a rep in the ILP office. The Wuxi school is closed now, but if you ever need some China-convincing, give her a call and ask her about the Jay Chou concert.*


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