Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Love Letter of Kate's

After six months of volunteering in China, a student's mother gave the following letter to me and my fellow teachers. The translation may not be the best, but the meaning is there. It is the best letter I have ever received, and never fails to make me cry.

Beloved teacher,

You be fine!
I am Gordon of little shift, my 3-year-old now before Bond have already studied half a year, just say my and your lovable foreign teacher get along with half a year it is said that you need to leave us having answered USA, we feel happy how Yo!

The calendar is will turn new one page open, imperceptible. I am member of you meticulously under giving consideration to, have already spent entrance's half a year. Recall half a year, be unwilling to enter a garden being crying from my loudness, enter happy kindergarten collective life to melting extremely gladly today. The number joys and sorrows of life, the number anxiety hesitate, be that you have been accompanying let our witness let ours grow up. From my be having paper urine trousers on, frequent wet urine trousers, eat V.I.P. hey, the life basic to now can take care of self. Can educate us "to be able to not" eat arbitrarily still from east to west "need to wash hands" even. I know that this and your effort cannot part. And you teach us singing English song, use various scene pattern to teach us studying English, together, we play games, eat together, see your splendid smile, let our these children of little shift be at ease go and studying, going to participate in a few activities, feeling happy really!!! Finish composing morning exercises in the morning in every day, we begin to expect your turn up right away, if which day you do not come to a kindergarten, we are only capable to do asking about a teacher; Why does not come to a 'foreign teacher; May think that we have what be fond of you. I inform you of a secret oh, I go home every day copying your expression's example, singing you teaches our song, will be with the father, mother is funny very joyful, our children of little shift thinks that say foreign teacher face to face lovable here,; You are very great, also very cruel, because of oh our these little chaps are not to be fond of one people's casually!!!!! Foreign teacher teacher, you have worked hard for! We love you!!!

That we know you need to answer USA, is that the new mission possibly works, we lose very much though hating to part with, also being going to be because of you have, even, the meeting has very long period of time to be able to not accept the new teacher, this is oru mood of children of little shift and leaving with to one people affection, because of we trust you very much, we are unable to have vigilance to you, are small gift because of you always give us smiling expression, to embrace, pleasantly surprised, returning to for us us for us, These I all bear in mind, thank you!! We will march toward new school term again in a flash, the newly-arrived foreign teacher teacher studies, live together and commonly, we also are able to go to have accepted these, because of we grow up slowly, you are at ease returning back to homeland going to! We can not make you disappointed oh! We also have however, a little spare time of requiring that you are busily occupied, also need to think about our these Chinese children oh! Take a look at us together the photograph, finishes giving a smile, what? We all say all right, a good deal words not being over, we love only this mark engraving on in us immature in the heart, one until forever!!
          Pray for happy
          health that you
          are forever

Gordon represents little entire shift children

June 18.2009


Annie said...

HAHAHA good times! I love this as much as Gordon of little shift!

Shaila said...

This is so wonderful. Love, love, love.

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