Friday, October 7, 2011

Music Video Deathmatch!!!


Want to give your iLP country bragging rights? Want to share the motherland's musical talent with the rest of the world? Want to liven up the Tuesday of thousands?

The answer, if you didn't know, is YES. So submit your favorite crazy, awesome-sauce host-country music video to and then vote for the best!

To start us off, here is a submission from China.

1:48 to 2:07 is just fantastic, but I know you can do better. Comment below or send us a link!


A Little Fuller said...

Here's my submission for Russia. But if you want to see the original in all its glory, you should check out this one too.

Love from Moscow,

Charlie Fuller

Kate said...

TOO GOOD. I am forever indebted to Russia for that.

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