Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quotes from the Mexican Classroom (courtesy of McKenzie)

Me: "Do you guys know what an 'experiment' is?"
Girl: "Ooh, I know! It's when you put the googles on, and then you pour stuff in bottles, and then they go 'BOOM!' and everyone goes 'ahhhh!' Right?"

Student: "My older brother told me that in China, when they don't want their kids anymore, they eat them. The government gives them money, and then they eat them."
Me: "Oh, he did now? Well, that's not true."

Upon seeing the Rexburg temple as the background on my computer: "Is that your house?!"

Me: "Okay kids, write a story using the words 'orange,' 'Texas,' and 'electric guitar.'"
Student: "Teacher! this is how my story goes! 'Michael Jackson and Shamu went to Texas and he learned to play guitar. Is that good? Haha, get it, Michael Jackson and Shamu!"
Me: "Shamu, you mean the whale?"
Him: "No, no, sham-poo!" (in Spanish, shampoo sounds like Shamu)

My roommate Italia introduced herself to her kids. They said, "Italia?! Italia es un país!" (Italia is a country!) Then they started chanting, "Italia Pequeña, Italia Pequeña!" 

I walked across the "field" in the courtyard, which is actually just dirt with a few patches of measly grass. One of the little boys said, "Nooo, Teacher, noooo! Don't walk on the grass! Don't walk on the grass! It's groooowing!"

Me, looking through the book they're supposed to read: "What story do you want to read?"
Boy, flipping through the book 'til he gets to the end: "I know! Nothing!" Nice one.

Today I asked them, "Do you guys know what happened in Japan today?"
Benjamin: "Oh I know!!! A SUSHI! A SUSHI!"
Me: "You mean...a tsunami?"
Benji: "Ohh... yeah... a tsunami."

(This is Benji in a wrestling belt he fashioned out of his notebook. Classy)

I also read to them from James and the Giant Peach today. The pictures are a little bit...unique. I opened to this page to show them what James looked like. First words out of Alejandro's mouth: "Whoa, he's very ugly, teacher. Verrry ugly."

These girls aren't in my class, but one of them (on the leftie there) is famous for a few lines:

"Some people in the world think that Justin Bieber are gay, because Justin Bieber are gay."

Or, a really sweet one that she uses when Teacher Kaitlyn exasperates her:
"Aww, teacher, you are so injustice!"

Alejandro, when he walked into class today: "Today I am happy, teacher."
Me: "Cuz it's Friday?"
Him: "No, teacher, cuz I live."
Me: "Because you're alive?"
Him: "Yeah, because I'm alive."
Always a good reminder. :)


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